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Ben & Co. have designed and crafted a beautiful ring to present to my spouse after the birth of our second child. I firmly believe that a gift is not meaningful due to its value alone. Instead, meaningfulness comes from what is personal and nuanced, from the relevancies of details when assembling a metaphor.

In this case, a ring was the metaphor for my loving and beautiful little family. The pursuance of meaning should not get in the way of aesthetics, however, and thus a challenge was born: a ring with my spouse’s and my newly born baby’s birthstones, adding the birthstone of the sibling into the mix. An amethyst and ruby, augmented with diamonds. This is an unusual and uncommon choice, and at first it was hard for me to imagine these colours coming together.

Searching for jewellers willing to make a piece is difficult, but Ben & Co. went beyond this, eager to craft a bespoke ring, eager to present design ideas, and interested in my input. Within a few days a digital design was sent to me and once I agreed to the quote and design, the ring was crafted in their local workshop. It was ready for the birth, even though I gave them a tough deadline.

Every interaction was polite, helpful and ultimately a pleasure. My wonderful partner loved her gift, and she loved all the birthstones combined so beautifully to make a personally meaningful gift. That Ben & Co. is the company of a successful black designer and that the ring was made in-house added to the meaningfulness, and it makes Ben & Co. a rare find in an industry otherwise dominated by oversees manufacturing hidden behind glamourous facades.

Menlyn Maine Mall

At BEN & Co. Designs we revel in being recognised as radically distinctive! Creating jewellery masterpieces that leave their owners breathless and delivering jewellery pieces that celebrate the occasion – endlessly!
Our multi-award winning designer ensures the perfect pairing of precious gems and their complimenting metals, utilising the most advanced techniques. He ensures a never seen before masterpiece, that creates a legacy for the owner!

Our skilled and knowledgeable jewellery experts able to attend to your every desire, offering an experience that’ll be talked about for years to come.
BEN & Co Designs offers its shoppers the opportunity to purchase a lifestyle.
Timeless – Tailor-made – Fine Jewellery


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